The Fatima Deception

…And the rest of the Marian apparitions. Is that of God or is that of deception?

Miracle of the Sun:

In spring of 1917 in Cova da Iria of Fatima, Portugal, three shepherd children, Lúcia dos Santos (10 yrs. old) and her cousins Jacinta (7 yrs.) and Francisco Marto (9 yrs.) reported angel apparitions and of the Virgin Mary. The apparition spoke to the children and gave them prophesies. The Marian prophesies expressed that prayer would end the war (WWI), she urged repentance and the building of a temple, and finally that on October 13th of that year the Lady (Mary) would return to reveal her identity in a miracle so that all may believe. Reports of what the children saw spread and pilgrims began to gather in Fatima to witness the prophesied event. It’s estimated that 70,000 people crowded in preparation of the miracle.

wordpress fatima 3 children
Lucia, Francisco, and Jacinta

The three children experienced a number of visions from their first encounter on May 17th up to the revealing event. These included visions of Jesus, Joseph, and of course Mary, blessing the people. Lúcia wrote in her memoirs that she asked the Lady to tell them who she was and to preform a miracle so that everyone will believe. The Lady told the girl to come to Cova each month until October when she would reveal herself a sixth time in a miracle as requested.

What is very odd is that only the children had communication with the entity. And only Lùcia and Jacinta could both see and hear the Lady. Francisco could see the entity but not hear it. Why? What many people look over is the fact that the apparition gave the children “something” to eat and drink. Lùcia and Jacinta both ate and drank, while Francisco only ate. Perhaps this is why he could not hear Mary.

Stranger yet was that through the series of apparitions, the children never saw the being’s mouth move. Rather, they heard her words through a buzzing sound that rang around them whenever she appeared. It communicated telepathically. When asked where the entity came from, it never said heaven, instead it just lifted it’s arms towards the sky and it never called itself Mary, mother of God. Neither did the children call the entity Mary, it was only thereafter that this was applied to the being. When Lúcia was asked where this entity came from, she said the sky. The original descriptions of the being stated that it was less than 3 or 4 feet tall, bald and was wearing a knee length dress. Over the course of time this got changed into a tall beautiful lady to fit the description of Mother Mary.

On the 13th of October as the thousands of people waited, it is reported that after a period of rain and dark clouded skies, the sun broke through and what appeared was an opaque spinning disc. Witnesses claim that it was oddly dull and silver, it cast multi-colored lights across the landscape, the sun zig-zagged toward them at less than 100 feet and away in a frighting manner outside of cosmic law, and that the peoples previously wet clothes from the rain had suddenly become completely dry as well as the muddied ground around them. At the moment the silver disc appeared, the crowed shouted, “A miracle, a miracle!” Many saw what seemed to be white “petals” falling to the ground. The whole event lasted about 10 minutes and has since been remembered as the Miracle of the Sun.

wordpress miracle of the sun_cosmo-code
Mass of Witnesses

Some very odd things were reported during the incident. People heard a buzzing noise inside their heads, as did the children in their previous encounters. Car windshields cracked, some car hoods were torn off and thrown into the air, gasoline spontaneously combusted and cars wouldn’t start after the event. Those who were directly under the silver disk that passed over, their clothes had dried and some reported burns on their skin. Does this really sound like a miracle from the God of the Bible? People thought it was the end of the world. All of these anomalies are common in U.F.O. sightings. The Cash-Landrum incident in 1980 is probably one of the most famous U.F.O incidents because it brought about civil court proceedings. In this particular case the witnesses experienced terrible chemical and radiation burns where they lost clumps of skin and hair.

There too are reports of said “angel hair” falling to the ground. If you research the event you may find this under the guise of rose petals falling from the sky. These were not actual rose petals, rather white fibers that eventually disintegrate. There were a lot of these so called “angel hairs” and many people saw them. Interestingly enough, this exact same phenomena of white fibers falling from the sky has happened during other known U.F.O. encounters. Not in all cases, but in many, white fibers will follow a craft. It is described as being a cottony substance, and fine like that of a spiderweb. It is postulated that these are actual fibers that exist way up in the stratosphere and when a craft disturbs these substances, they fall to earth. These have been captured and they indeed are not rose petals. Francisco Mourão Corrêa who worked with and was interviewed by investigator L.A. Marzulli in his 2017 Fatima documentary, obtained some of these angel hair specimen and kept them in his freezer.

wordpress UFOAngelHair.jpg

The following month the local bishop began an investigation into whether or not the private relation from Mary aligned with Catholic theology. With the concluding testimonies on the solar event from secularist, believers, government officials, and skeptics alike, bishop José da Silva confirmed the miracle as, “worthy of belief.” Thus permitting the movement of Our Lady of Fatima within the Catholic church.

Also the parish priest, Father Manuel Marques Ferreira worked with and interrogated the children on the apparitions because he believed that it was demonic. These original testimonies and documents are stored away in the Fatima archives and Father Ferreira’s assumption was obviously overruled.

Lúcia was the only one of the children to make it into adulthood. Francisco and Jacinta had both passed away never making it into their teenage years. At 16 years old, 6 years after the event, Lúcia was taken by the Jesuits from the Vatican and put into a convent with a vow of silence. 11 years later in 1928, Lúcia is then told to write out the secrets revealed to her by the entity. That was 11 years after the event. The original 1917 documents looked very different from what came out in the later day. For example, there was nothing said about Russia in the 1917 reports. “Consecrate Russia to my sacred heart…” was never part of the original transcripts. Fact is, the further out you go from the actual event, 1928 when Lúcia was whisked away and thereafter, the stranger the reports become. Everything became managed. The term “Miracle of the Sun” was made up by a Lisbon newspaper reporter, when in reality the event actually had nothing to do with the sun. And the idea the apparition was Mary was construed by Lúcia’s uncle who rationalized, “who else could it be?” So if the apparition wasn’t the sun and it wasn’t Mary, then what on earth was it? Keep in mind there are hundreds upon hundreds of apparition sites in Portugal.

Lúcia remained faithful to the so called Lady and in a 7th visit to Cova in 1920 before the young girl left for a boarding school, several apparitions appeared claiming to be the divine Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

Eye Witness Accounts: 

Accounts from interviewers and witnesses themselves have been gathered from the event and even few photographs. Amongst the 70,000 witnesses were a wide range of curious people who were religious, non-religious, young and old. Although reports very somewhat in detail, none have directly denied a strange phenomena in the sky.

Many viewers admit to have seen a “dancing sun.” Some say it was the face of the Virgin Mary. They say it was a giant spinning wheel which lowered to earth in unfathomable motions with burning rays. A silver disc, slowly turning colors, an so on. Everyone near by could see it and feel the heat. People from the road and in their car, there are even reports from as far as 25 miles away. As well as documented accounts of ill standby’s being healed.

“The sun turned everything to different colours—yellow, blue and white. Then it shook and trembled. It looked like a wheel of fire that was going to fall on the people. They began to cry out, “We shall all be killed!” Others called to our Lady to save them. They recited acts of contrition. One woman began to confess her sins aloud, advertising that she had done this and that…. When at last the sun stopped leaping and moving, we all breathed our relief. We were still alive, and the miracle which the children had foretold, had been seen by everyone.”

-Maria de Capelinha 

“I could look at the sun without pain in my eyes. Everyone around me was making a tremendous noise. Because of all the noise, I was looking at the crowd as the sun was actually falling. It had turned upon itself and fallen down. I could feel the heat because it was coming so close. At that moment, I saw it on my left shoulder. It was on my shoulder and I could have touched it. The people around me were very much afraid that this was the end of the world.

Then the sun went into the trees where the little children were and within minutes the children got up and turned around toward the people. Lucia said that everything is going to be all right. Pray and pray hard. Pray the rosary every day for sinners around the world, that God was too much offended. Within minutes, the sun went back the way it came in.”

-Dominic Reis

“…An indescribable impression overtook me I only know that I cried out: ‘I believe! I believe! I believe!’ And tears ran from my eyes. I was amazed, in ecstasy before the demonstration of Divine Power… converted in that moment.”

-Baron of Alvaiazere (former unbeliever)

“The sky was covered with clouds and it rained much. We could not see the sun. Then suddenly, at noon, the clouds drew away and the sun appeared as if it were trembling. It seemed to come down. It began spinning like a fire-wheel in the pagan feasts. It stopped for a few minutes and again started rolling, perhaps in a diameter of more than a meter while we could look at it as though it were the moon. Things all around turned into different colors.”

“Were you afraid?” (interviewer)

“I was afraid. I thought the sun would fall upon us.”

“Were your clothes wet before, then suddenly dry?”


“When it was over, how did you feel?”

“I was relieved of a great fright I had felt. I resolved to lead a better life and to amend for my sins.”

-Maria Teresa

“I had two of the children, Lucia and Jacinta, in my house for eight days in August, two months before the miracle. They said that there would be a miracle in order that all should believe… and this I saw, with my two sons who have now died. We saw the sun spinning like fireworks. I cried out: ‘My God, how great is Your Power!’ “One day I had said to the children: ‘Alas, you are mistaken. They will fry you in oil!’ And they said: ‘We are not afraid. She does not deceive us. She is so beautiful! Sometimes she dazzles us!’

“I also saw four cures at the place of the apparitions: Two were of tuberculosis, one of a girl from Lisbon and the other from Alfarelos; two were crippled girls.”

-Maria do Carmo Marques da Cruz Menezes

“I saw the sun turn upon itself; it seemed to fall from the sky. Near me there was a man and a lady who were looking at the sun through binoculars and who were saying that they saw a ladder near the sun and that Saint Joseph and the Child Jesus were there… The people around me were crying that the world was going to end. “I knew that something extraordinary and mysterious had happened. I was sure that the children had spoken to someone extraordinary, who was not of this world.”

-Maria dos Prazeres

These are just a few accounts of numerous ones that have been documented. A simple Google search will take you on a journey back to that October 13th, where you can get a broader scope of what people had seen.

In fact there is an original photograph of the event which shows a dull disk in the sky. Joshua Benoliel was a witness in 1917 and took original glass plate photographs of the “Miracle.” Jose’ Machado wrote a book called The Miracle of the Sun, in his book hewordpress miracle-of-the-sun-graphic releases first time ever in the U.S. one of these original photographs. Machado was given consent to view them in the Fatima archives in 2008. He looked at 4 photos but was only allowed to publish one. In the photo you can see a round object hovering directly over the apparition site. The object is indeed imbedded in the glass plate. Machado who is a professional of semiotics has studies these plates and confirms that it is not a smudge, burn, or scratch. The image is imbedded in the glass and this is why glass plate photography is so reliable. With some cleaning up of the image you can see a circular object hovering over the apparition site. I have to wonder what is in the other 3 photos and why those weren’t allowed to be published?

L.A. Marzulli pointing to apparition site on original glass plate photo
L.A. Marzulli reviewing cleaned up close up of photo

Other Supernatural Happenings:

What many people do not know because the testimony was stored away in Fatima’s archives for decades, was that there was a 4th witness who had her own encounter at the Cova. Carolina Carrera was 12 years old at the time. She was tending sheep when suddenly a blonde haired figure appeared by the same tree the Miracle of the Sun would happen in the coming days. It’s hair came down to it’s shoulders and she could not tell if it was a boy or girl. The entity requested Carrera to come (telepathically). (Note: blonde haired children are not native to Portugal.) Carrera turned briefly to check on her sheep and when she turned back the blonde haired figure was gone. To her amazement, she found it hovering above the tree in mid-air.

There is another account of a boy who one day before the Event on October 13th had an entity appear to him telling him to not be afraid. The apparition identified itself as “The Bright Morning Star.” This is very alarming because scripture uses this as another name for Lucifer.

Furthermore, months before the the Miracle of the Sun, there was a group of mediums in the occult who had received a message via automatic writing. This is a technique used to contact entities. The message was written backwards on a piece of paper and could only be read by holding it up to a mirror. What came through was that something wondrous would happen in Portugal on May the 13th (which was the 1st Mary apparition) and that the entity being channeled by the mediums was called “The Bright Morning Star.” (The same name of the young boy’s encounter)  This was then published in several newspapers at the time. The original announcement can still be found in the Diario de Noticias archives

Yet another psychic, Mr. Antonio, received a similar message that “something transcendental” would happen on May 13th. He was in Porto and this was published in ads and newspapers such as O Primeiro de Jeneiro, the Jornal de Noticias and Liberdade.

Interesting that the Catholic Church conveniently ignored this demonic behavior. Must I say anymore. Fact is that there was some very odd supernatural activity going on in Portugal at the time. A being under the same name as Lucifer, who parades as an angel of light, was endorsing the people who in turn were worshiping it. All this said, I have nothing against Mary. She is indeed the mother of Christ and an incredible biblical figure. I am not trying to bash Catholics or belittle their beliefs either. As a Pentecostal Christian I do not pray to Mary, but my point is that the entity in Fatima 100 years ago was not Mary. Evidence proves this and ones own discernment. The entity was likely a fallen angel and the object in the sky, a U.F.O. Fatima was essentially a precursor for what is coming to earth.

Whats the Big Deal:

We can conclude that an apparition did indeed appear in Fatima that day. Something unusual and not of this world. However, the question must be asked, was this a divine benevolent being as it claimed to be or was it a malevolent force parading as an angel of light? The Bible clearly states that Satan “comes with all power and false signs and lying wonders.” This has been Satan’s tactic since he fell, it is his only tactic. Deception. There is no truth in him because Jesus is the Truth and Life. Jesus won the victory and has all the true power. Satan’s power is merely twisting the truth. It wouldn’t be believable if there wasn’t some truth to it though. And that is how the devil gets ahold of people.

The reason why what happened at Fatima just over 100 years ago is so important to understand the truth of today is because in the end days “…false Christs and false prophets will arise and will show great signs and wonders, so as to mislead, if possible, even the elect.” (Matthew 24:24) The elect are believers. Those destined for salvation. This means that the deception will be so great that Holy Spirit filled Christians may even be deceived. But, “…For the sake of the elect those days will be shortened.” For our own good, Jesus will come back at just the right time.

Matthew 24:4-5 “And Jesus answered them, “See that no one leads you astray. For many will come in my name, saying, ‘I am the Christ,’ and they will lead many astray.””

1 Timothy 4:1 “Now the Spirit expressly says that in later times some will depart from the faith by devoting themselves to deceitful spirits and teachings of demons”


Matthew 7:15 “Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves.”

Was the Miracle of the Sun a false wonder? It seems to be so. What should have been done in the Fatima apparition is rebuke first and ask questions later. In any spiritual event it is necessary to test the spirits. 1 John 4:1 says “Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world.” It is foolish to assume a spiritual encounter holy without testing it, especially something claiming to be Christ or a divine entity. All one needs to do to rebuke is say, “Father if this is not from you, break the power.” Or, “In Jesus name, leave.” There is power in His name that no darkness can withstand.

One thing we see over and over again is accounts in the bible when the good guys show up, Gods heavenly angels, and man physically cannot withstand the emanating glory and falls prostrate on the ground. Nobody can see the face of the Lord and live. God specially allowed Moses to see His glory pass by in Exodus 33, but the Lord covered his eyes until He passed so Moses could view his glory from behind without viewing His face.

Spiritual entities are magnificent to behold and there is much power that our human bodies do not know how to respond to. The difference is that with U.F.O encounters and the like, people go into a startled brain fog. One, because we generally have nothing in our mind’s repertoire to compare the phenomena to and two, Satan’s lying signs and wonders. Much like a magic trick, the devil has the ability to manipulate time, space, matter and energy, which means he can “shape-shift” into what would be perceived as an angel of light, a saint, and so on. He is the prince and power of the air and his domain is somewhere between earth and Heaven in the spiritual realm, which of course interacts with our physical realm. The devil does have legal access in darkness, anywhere devoid of God’s goodness. We must remember that Satan’s operations are limited and that believers are no longer under the rule of Satan. Though he still has access in darkness even in the Christians heart. Satan will never be given permission to destroy the saints, but he does sift us like wheat, he tries to influence us to allow darkness in our lives so he can have a foothold.

The good news is that we have authority in Christ to rebuke the enemy and to trample on scorpions. The enemy is under our feet when we are covered by the blood of the Lamb. It is important to understand that the alien phenomena is nothing more than demonic/fallen angel activity. There are documented reports of people that start to be abducted and they rebuke the alien entities in Jesus name, immediately stopping the abduction and the entities fleeing. James 4:7 lays out simply what we must do, “Submit yourselves before God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”

Fact is, the devil prowls around like a lion looking for someone to devour. Looking for someone to deceive. This happens now and in the future there will be a great deception in the end days. Many believe that we are currently entering the last days. Even if this is not so, it is someones last day and the only options beyond this existence is heaven or hell. The Bible says that the coming deception will be so great that the Lord cuts our time short for our own good because even the elect may be deceived. It’s time to start waking up and using the discernment we have in Christ. When the Lord comes back, all the world will see, “…they will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven, with power and great glory.” (Matt. 24:30) “So if they tell you, ‘There He is in the wilderness,’ do not go out; or, ‘Here He is in the inner rooms,’ do not believe it.” (Matt. 24:26) What the end days deceptions will be, we do not know for sure, but we know there will be many.

Stressing again that the events of Fatima are so important to understand because it serves as a precursor of the deception to come. How easy it was for 70,000 people to view a phenomena and deem it as holy. 100 years later, still being worshipped.

Goddess Worship:

Bear in mind that the area around Fatima and Portugal has a long history of Pagan practices. Also the shadow of the Inquisition still hung heavy upon Europe at the time. The last of the witch trials had taken place only in 1826. Behind Portugal’s Orthodox veil, there was always a mix of folk, pagan, and Christian beliefs which led to interchanging of pagan and Catholic saints and holy figures depending on the feast or day.

Folklore of the area includes that of fairies and otherworldly encounters. There was a tradition from the Benbulbin area of western Ireland, similar to the rocky terrain of Fatima, that supernatural beings called the “Gentry,” who were fairy-like entities often offered advice and warnings to humans. Yet, the Gentry were said to have looked upon humanity with distain as if they were more superior.

Portugal itself has a tradition of a race of supernatural women or goddesses, the Moura Encantada. These were said to be guardians of dimensional doorways and of the earth. They are said to be able to spin the sun. Red flag! This directly ties to the Miracle of the Sun and the myriads of eye witness accounts. Furthermore, the entity that appeared in Fatima was said to have been wearing a short skirt that fell just below the knees. The Virgin Mary would have never worn such garments. In fact, worshipped in Portugal prior to Christianity and after Moura, they worshipped the Goddess Diana, the Huntress. Who is pictured as so. In the Northern parts of Portugal this tradition is still carried on.

wordpress goddess diana
Goddess Diana the Huntress

Scripture tells us that angels do not have a gender. So what we have here is fallen angels who want to be worshipped. They can shift into the image of whatever they want. Thus goddesses came to be and the “sacred feminine” worshipped.

Other Sun Miracles: 

“Sun Miracles” are not a thing of the past. These are happening in modernity all over the map. In the video below you will see clips of said Sun Miracles and nobody is rebuking first and asking questions later. They are just accepting what they are looking at as a miracle from God. Some of the reactions are chilling to hear.

Aliens, Orbs, Lights, Demons, and so on…

Fallen angels have the ability to manipulate space, time, matter and energy. Whatever it is they are doing in the so called Sun Miracles, they give the sun the appearance that it is pulsing. Perhaps the spinning of U.F.O technology. Back then, they did not have the word U.F.O. or flying-saucer in their repertoire and language. So in 1917 when the people looked up, they reported what they saw, a dull silver disk. If we saw it today, we would call it a U.F.O. This is what you call a Harbinger of deception. It had nothing to do with Mary and the Bible and everything to do with lying signs and wonders.

The manifold anomalies that followed the Fatima apparition are commonly  reported in U.F.O. sightings and alien encounters all over the world, as previously mentioned. Below is a list summarizing the events of Fatima common to U.F.O. and alien encounters.

  • Vehicle interference
  • Heat and Skin burns
  • Buzzing sound
  • Telepathy
  • Pulsing light
  • Orbs of light and many colors
  • Strange clouds
  • Silver Disk
  • Impossible speed and movements such as 90° angles
  • “Angel Hair”
  • Healings

Yes, even healings are common in U.F.O. sightings and abductions. Sometimes these nefarious entities that abduct people against their will also heal people. It seems odd but a fallen angel is still an angelic entity and has it’s angelic powers. There are good angels, God’s heavenly helpers and bad angels, those who leave their abode and follow Lucifer. Scripture shows us that angels have the ability to heal, for instance the Pool of Bethesda. This was in the time of Jesus, the angels would come and stir this pool of water. The cripple, lame, diseased, and all those with illness would wait around these waters and the first one in after the stirring would be healed. So yes, angels have the ability to heal, the difference is that fallen angels have a very nefarious agenda. They don’t heal people because they love us and love their creator, they heal for the purpose of lying signs and wonders so that maybe they can fool us.

There are many theories as to what fallen angels and demons are. What aliens, ghosts, orbs, and other supernatural creatures are. I will briefly explain this, but there is too much depth on the subject that I will have to write another article all together. This is my understanding, based off of the Bible and much research. Fallen angels are separate entities than demons. I explain this in greater depth in my articles about nephalim part 1 and part 2. As far as the alien phenomena goes, it seems that the typical alien is a fallen angel, as well as apparitions that manifest into forms. Now, the “grey” alien is different. The so called, little grey guys with big eyes. These are actually a bodysuit made from fallen angel technology in which a demon spirit is then able to inhibit. Demons or unclean spirits are evil spirits that need a body, without, they roam the earth passing “through arid places seeking rest and does not find it.” (Matt. 12:43) Therefore it will return to the house it left, the person, and if there is a foot hold it will bring others with it. If not it will seek rest looking for someone else with a foot hold. Demons are the disembodied spirits of the nephalim, who were giants that were half fallen angel and half human. Fallen angels were previously God’s holy angels who made the decision to leave their abode and follow Satan.

As for nymphs, fairies, goddesses, and creatures of pagan folklore, these could be any fallen angel shapeshifting into such an identity or perhaps a different “breed” of demonic entities all together. The Bible gives us pictures of heaven and a myriad of fascinating creatures that dwell there, having wings and covered with eyes. So it’s safe to say there are differing types of holy beings, therefore there are differing types of un-holy beings.

Now there are many odd sightings that accompany these beings, like U.F.O’s, orbs, hovering shapes, and so on. Fallen angels have technology beyond what we can imagine. They in fact are the ones that shared the “forbidden knowledge” with man when they descended upon Mt. Hermon. God didn’t intend for man to have this knowledge, He said it was worthless. Compared to His almighty love, no knowledge can compare.

U.F.O’s seem to be fallen angel technology. It also seems that they can travel in orbs that can shape-shift. This has to do with the energy, which I am not going to pretend to understand. They have technology to probe and microchip. They love to pretend to be gods and aim to destroy the seed of man, which Jesus came through. It is believed that there are hybrid beings walking amongst us now. Beings that they created but look and act like humans.

Below is the removal of an implant from a man who claimed to have been abducted and later found the strange marking of a scar on his body. The whole story is in the film Watchers 8.

In understanding that demons need a body, it makes one wonder about all the cloning that is going on and robotic trans-humans being created by humans themselves. It seems as though Satan will indeed use technology for the destruction of man.

All the while we must remember that God is above all else and He has armies and armies of angels fighting for us in the spiritual realm just beyond our perception. Sometimes God allows us to see this, if only for a moment. Just as in 2 Kings 6:17, Elisha’s servant’s eyes are opened and he sees the hills full of chariots of fire and horses. God’s angels fighting for them in the midst of war and they didn’t have to be afraid.

We will never fully understand the spiritual realm as  human beings. Fact is that things do happen that are beyond our perception but this doesn’t mean we have to be ignorant. God gives us the Bible, His Word, the only solid rock of truth when all else is shifting sands.

As for Fatima and the Marian apparitions…what is it? A Miracle of the Sun or harbinger of deception?

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  1. The whole thing was just imaginary images of some children going out of control to a bunch of gullible peasants and money-hungry clerics.


  2. One section of this article is misleading. The title “Morning Star” doesn’t automatically mean the evil one. In Revelation 22:16, Jesus calls Himself by that title. Catholics often call Mary by that title.

    Psychics knowing about an event before it happens . . . didn’t the magi of the Bible know about the star in the east before it happened?

    Why do you add things about alien sightings and demons and clones? What do those have to do with this?

    And finally, there is something you should remember from the mouth of Jesus: “By their fruits you shall know them.” Did the events in 1917 bear good fruit, or did they lead people away from God?


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